Mission Statement

BTAC on a regular basis will articulate its mission and goals as part of its strategic planning process. Led by the BTAC Board of Directors, supported by BTAC staff, and through the engagement of BTAC volunteer members, our mission and goals are the foundation for the association and its work on behalf of the members.

BTAC will be an essential component in the prosperity and overall health of the bicycle trade industry in Canada, and will demonstrate a positive linkage between our policy initiatives, member programs and services and the business results of our members.

To accomplish this, we will advocate on behalf of our membership, ensuring the industry’s voice is heard by government at all levels, and pursue government initiatives that are favourable to the bike trade industry and those we serve.

BTAC works to deliver the industry’s views on issues that impact the growth of the industry, and ensures that all stakeholders including government are engaged in a positive and open dialogue.