Elimination of Tariffs on Bikes

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As you are aware, the Federal Finance Minister in his budget last week announced a number of tariff reductions specifically around sporting goods.  Bikes were not included in the minister’s announcement or the initial list of tariff eliminations.

The Finance Minister asked the Senate of Canada’s Finance Committee in 2011/12 to review the reasons for price differences between Canada and the USA.  After more than a year of review and discussions, the Senate made a series of recommendations to the Minister including the possible identified tariffs as an issue and one that required attention if prices were to be reduced in Canada.

As a result of the recommendations from the Senate, the Finance Minister agreed to announce a “pilot project” to identify products with high tariffs and little or no Canadian production.  The Minister and federal government have made it clear that the pilot is a first step and that other announcements will follow if retailers, wholesalers and distributors pass on the savings to the consumer.

Although BTAC was very disappointed bikes were not included in the initial “pilot”, we will aggressively lobby the government on the need to bikes in future reductions and eliminations.  In addition, we will be seeking a meeting with Ministry officials and politicians to present our case.